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Membership Term
Professionals membership is annual. The membership year begins on August 1 and expires on July 31st of the following year regardless of purchase date. Members must renew their membership beginning August 1 of each year.
Annual Dues
Total annual alumni membership dues are $75 ($50 is for national membership, and $25 is for local membership). If you pay online, there is a small online service charge of $2 for Local & National Dues amounting to $77, and $1 if you are paying for Local Dues Only amounting to $26.
NSBE strongly encourages student members to continue their participation by joining an Alumni Extension of Technical Professionals. Membership dues are free to students who join within one year of graduation (a $75 value)! If you recently graduated from college (within the past year) and were an active Collegiate Member, you are eligible to have your first year of Alumni dues waived. Email for details and help on making that happen!

If you choose not to be affiliated with our local chapter, you will be considered a "Member At-Large," classified by your geographical region. Members "At-Large" receive the same national benefits as those who belong to a chapter.


our focus

Membership to Kansas City Professionals (NSBE-KC) is open to any person who has received an associate, bachelor, or advanced degree from an accredited educational institution in engineering, technology, mathematics, or science and seeks to fulfill NSBE's mission via avenues for networking and professional development while giving back to the community. Members shall reside or work within the Kansas City Metropolitan area, a fifteen-county metropolitan area straddling the Missouri and Kansas border. A member in "good standing" shall be defined as one who has fulfilled all membership dues obligations. Membership and participation in NSBE-KC is not limited to race, religion, sex, ethnic group, or national origin. If you are a professional, but did not receive a degree in any of the STEM fields, you are still eligible for membership as an Alumni Affiliate member.

*NSBE Graduating Seniors - Your first year of professional membership is free!